What is Chikly?

Chickly is an ROI project on BNB-Network with NFTs implemented you can earn up to 160% with.
Chicky is your small dream farm in your pocket or at your desktop. The place where you can get a fast and consistent earning. Basically, Chickly is a game, to be more precise — an idle game, where you buy different NFT Chicks to earn crypto over time.
Buy Chickly NFTs to get profit hour-by-hour. The total level of profit depends on the NFT purchased. The percentage of profit depends on several conditions: a hold-bonus that you get while not withdrawing the profit and the number of $BNBs and BUSD went through the balance of the smart-contract.
Chickly have several specific features that make it pretty convinient and secure to use, they are listed down below:
  • Reliable Investments with $BNB and BUSD;
  • Earn up to +160% of your NFT cost;
  • Blockchain decentralized platform;
  • Totally secure income based on BNB smart-contract;
  • Smart-contract verified and audited by independent company;

Basic Interest Rate

The rate is +1% per 24 hours which is +0.0416% hourly. BNB smart-contract calculate profit up to every NFT since the date it was bought. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day — +1%.

Personal Hold-Bonus

A bonus of +0.05% for every 24 hours 
without withdraw. Smart-contract calculates hold-bonus from your deposit, or last withdraw date. If you did not request payment, it will charge you an additional bonus. After 24 hours +0.05%, after 48 hours +0.1%, after 72 hours +0.15% and so on.

Contract Total Amount Bonus

A bonus of +0.1% for every 150 BNB balanced on the Chickly smart-contract. As the smart-contract check its current balance it charge an additional +0.1% up to your earnings for every 150 BNB on the smart-contract balance. 

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